The Hidden Power of Words in Marketing

Since the recession of 2009-2012, I have loved words.

When I got phone call after phone call back in January 2009 cancelling marketing contrats, I was left wondering what I’ll do.

A friend said she’d always loved my writing, my easy style of communicating. A fellow member of the Drogheda Chamber used to call me the Carrie Bradshaw of Marketing. 🙂

So I re-invented myself or to use the pandemic word of pivoting, I became a copywriter. A relationship or marketing copywriter, even though we didn’t use those words back then. My first book  – 31 Days to Write Better Copy was written in 2010, published in 2011. I have a love affair with words since then, I have loved studying the art and science of words..

Even with ChatGPT and AI bursting into our lives over the past six months or so, I still believe in the power of words. They really are the hidden gem of marketing.

When it came to formulating or defining my proven process to Marketing – The FAY WAY – words had to be a stage on their own. So many people overlook them. And of course with AI, I think it will be easier to write. In fact, one of my chapters in 31 Days to Write Better Copy, is avoiding the blank screen. That’s gone now – ChatGPT and the other tools allow us to start.

Continuing with the FAY WAY to Marketing podcast series, I’ve recorded an episode talking about the importance of words. I’ve recorded lots with practical information and I’ll list them at the bottom, but this one, I wanted to either introduce you or re-introduce you to why words are so important.

They really have the power to transform your marketing strategy.

Grab your earbuds and take a listen….

Here are three things that I talk about:  

  1. Unleashing the Art of Storytelling
    Discover the enchanting world of storytelling and how words have the ability to engage, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions on your audience.
  2. Decoding the Psychology of Persuasion
    Delve into the psychology behind persuasive marketing and understand how words can trigger action in your audience.
  3. Mastering Clarity and Consistency:
    Learn how words play a pivotal role in creating clarity and maintaining consistency in your marketing messages.

And of course, I give you three actions at the end….there was no homework on the last episode.

Take a listen – and see if you need to take a different approach to how you write.

Free Training  – Words Work

I’ve created a free training for you that helps you unlock the hidden potential of words and craft compelling marketing copy with our free training session at Elevate your marketing strategy with proven strategies that complement AI and ChatGPT content creation.

You can listen to all the podcasts wherever you listen to your podcasts and I encourage you to subscribe to The Achievers Club with Denise Fay on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast platform for regular insights and inspiration. Of course, they are all listed here on the Denise Fay Podcast page.

Other Podcasts on Practical Use of Words in Marketing 

I’ve mentioned above that you might be interested in more practical words podcasts. Here they are:


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the host and guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any organization.

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