What's the one thing you need in marketing to succeed?

I’m often asked what is one thing that you need to do in marketing to succeed?

My answer – be consistent.

Take a listen to this video about a great tip that Jerry Seinfield shared with a new comic. It SO applies to marketing. And at the end, there is an invitation to a free webinar. You owe it to your business in 2018 to join!


I don’t even have to think about it. I can honestly tell you that when I’m not consistent in my marketing, my sales dip. I’m in ‘have to/catch up’ marketing mode rather than ‘get to/enjoy’ marketing mode.

And while I’ve always said it, Jerry Seinfeld confirmed it. Remember Jerry Seinfeld from The Seinfeld show? Well he shared a story that is fab-u-lous.

You will want to do it yourself.

A few decades ago, when Jerry was a touring comedian and the Seinfeld show was new to TV, a young man approached him behind stage at a comedy club to ask for advice. How can I become a better comic?

He told the young comic that to become better he should write better jokes. And to write better jokes, he must write every single day.

Seinfeld went on to describe his Chain Method for staying consistent. He hangs a big calendar of a whole year on the wall. On every day that he writes, he marks that box with an X. After a few days you have a chain that continues to grow longer. Now your job is to simply never break the chain.

Don’t break the chain!

While Seinfeld used this brilliant technique for writing jokes, you can use it for marketing. For copywriting. For talking to a client. For making a referral. For sending a thank you card. For MARKETING.

You see, marketing doesn’t have to be a big, massive effort. It can be one thing done every day.

Imagine watching those Xs on your calendar – knowing you are marketing every day, you’ll see the results. Because the good thing about marketing is that it has a compound effect. Keep doing it and it becomes way, way easier.

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Build the chain; see the results.

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Start Stronger.

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