Influential Writing & Communication Workshop

How to Use the ‘Power of the Pen’ to Influence

Words have never been so important. If you want to communicate with your customers or staff in the modern world, then there’s no way around it: you need good writing.

Simply put, everyone writes in business; it’s purely a tool to communicate your message to someone else. Yet obstacles exist for good communication, especially written communication.

Influential Writing & Communication Workshop helps business owners, executives, sales and marketing teams to overcome such obstacles in good communication. It enables people who write within your organisation to build a skillset to influence, to persuade and above all sustain interest in your message and take action.

The course is designed to set you apart from the competition, sustain your professional image and create clear, understandable documentation time and time again.

This workshop is for senior managers, finance, sales and marketing teams and all executives who write for business that requires action to be taken.

Influential Writing & Communication – Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will know how to:

  • Understand the essentials of communication and explore the ways around the filters that people use to read your text
  • Understand their reader and learn ways to write directly to them
  • Write text or copy using all three senses of sight, hearing and kinetics
  • Use the right word choice and stay away from the wrong words
  • Avoid common copy-writing, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar mistakes
  • Have confidence to write any document any-time quickly

Core Content Covered on a One-Day Intensive Course

  1. General principles of written communication
  2. Importance of word choice
  3. Good writing techniques for business correspondence
  4. The final piece

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Return to Training Page to learn more about Writing to Win. This is an ideal introductory workshop for everyone who writes within the organisation for internal or external purposes, including graduates and admin staff.