Get Better at Marketing with this 6 Part Series of Podcasts

As a small business owner, getting and keeping clients is the most important job you can do. Yes, you’re a master of your craft, but it’s important that you get good at marketing so that you can attract the right clients, attract the right employees, bring in the revenue you deserve and grow your business.

The feast and famine cycle of client attraction and marketing is, to be honest, an absolute pain! If you’ve encountered it, as I have a few times while running Achieve Marketing for the past 17 years, it’s just not nice! I could use stronger words but I won’t!

That’s why I articulated my 6 stage process into The FAY WAY – a system that will help you set your foundations, know your audience, own your difference, write words that work, attract ideal clients and yield all that you’ve sewn.

Here is the 6 part series in audio form. You can go sequentially, or you look through the list and listen to the one that calls out to you first. Then return to the others.

F is for Foundations

Here’s where you set your foundations for the marketing journey.

A is for Audience

Identifying your target market is important as it avoids elements of hope marketing – that bit of marketing where you throw stuff at a wall, hope it sticks and your target market sees and hears about you.

Y is for You Factor 

We talk about Owning your Difference. It’s so important that people know that you’re the person for to help them, solve their problem.

W is for Words

Words are the hidden secret to successful marketing. Even with the advent of AI, it still remains so important to know how to write words that work.

A is for Attraction

Here we talk about the power of not one, not two, but three incredible media types that can supercharge your journey to attracting the right client.

Y is for Yield 

Marketing talks about harvest time. You don’t need to be a farmer to understand how important this stage is….getting clients, keeping clients and as we say in Achieve HQ, testing and measuring.

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