Standing Out with Great Customer Experience | Episode 9

Standing out using Great Customer Experience | Episode 9 of The Achievers Club Podcast with Denise Fay

Standing out is easier than you think.

Especially with the clients that you have – remember, your existing customers can become your raving fans. 

It would seem that there is a race to the bottom, in terms of customer service and delivering good customer experience. 

And for someone who cares about how people do business, this race is killing me.

You see, I truly remain committed to one thing – customer and client centric marketing.

This episode is dedicated to showing you, using two examples that most people can relate to, that standing out is easier than you think.

The big question I ask in this podcast is – How can I provide better customer experience?

It’s a short but thoughtful episode, an area of marketing that sometimes we don’t give as much attention to as perhaps we should. 


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